Serene Hilltop Camping At Tikona, Near Lonavala


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Experience a getaway from the chaos that is life at this beautiful and serene location. Situated at a drivable distance from Mumbai and Pune, very close to Lonavala, this getaway is located on a hilltop with a breathtaking view and filled with an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and recharged.

Distance from Mumbai: 120 Kms (Approx)

Distance from Pune: 60 Kms (Approx)

Safety measures taken here to ensure a smooth experience

  1. Safe and Sanitised Service Offered here. Staff wears masks with proper santization of self and everything at the property at regular intervals.
  2. Social distancing followed here by placing tents at safe distances from each other.
  3. Regular sanitization of tents, sleeping bags, pillows and blankets and washrooms in order to ensure a safe experience.
  4. Your food is handled with extreme care.
  5. Limited number of bookings accepted here in order to ensure all safety protocols regarding covid are followed.

What's Included

Timings: (These timings are given so that you may vacate the tents which is required to clean everything and prepare for next set of customers to come in. There are no restrictions on extending your stay at the campsite beyond the specificed timings)

  • Check-in: 12 PM
  • Check-out: 11 AM


  • Camping Tents with an awesome view equipped with sleeping bags, pillows & mats - 2 OR 3 Sharing depending on the group size and your preference


  • Veg and Non Veg Buffet Lunch on arrival day
  • Evening tea and snacks
  • Grill your own BBQ - Veg OR Non-Veg Platter of Upto 250 gms per head (A platter consists of paneer or chicken with anassortment of other veggies) - BBQ equipment is provided
  • Unlimited Veg and Non Veg Buffet Dinner
  • Unlimited Veg and Egg Buffet Breakfast on checkout morning

Common Activities

  • Indoor games like chess, carrom and playing cards
  • Outdoor games like cricket, archery, volleyball, badminton
  • Hammocks

Common Amenities

  • Western style washrooms (about 8-10 washrooms along with bathing faclities - warm water maybe provided on request)
  • Dining areas
  • Multiple charging points
  • First Aid
  • Free Parking space available (for all types of vehicles)
  • Pet friendly (Pets not allowed inside the tents)

Other Inclusions

  • A private bonfire for each group irrespective of group size

Additional Paid Activities and Meals (has to be booked in advance in order to ensure that proper service is delivered)

  • Bullock cart ride - INR 50 per head (15 mins)
  • Tikona fort trek with guide - INR 700 (for a group size of upto 10 people) 
  • Candle light dinner for a couple with cake - INR 1500 (Flowers, ballon decoration, candles and cake)
  • Buffet Lunch - INR 350 per head
  • Buffet Dinner - INR 350 per head
  • Buffet Breakfast - INR 150 per head
  • Evening tea and snacks - INR 50 per head
  • Pet food - INR 300 for all meals
  • Team building games / programs for corporate groups starting from INR 5000/-


Q) Is this a group experience?

Ans) While there are other groups at the campsite, the arrangements made for each group are private. Each group will have their own space with their tents and a separate seating area, where they will grill their BBQ and a Private Bonfire. Rest of the meals like breakfast, dinner and evening snacks and tea coffee are in the common area. In house activities are also common to all.

Q) How safe is the campsite?

Ans) Campsite is completely safe and secure for both male and female guests. Local staff is always available at the campsite to take care of any issues or concerns you may have.

Q) How far is the campsite?

Ans) From Mumbai its around a 120kms and From Pune Around 60kms by road.

Q) Where is the campsite located and How do I reach the campsite?

Ans) Campsite is located beside pawna lake, Google locations and directions shall be shared with you upon confirming the booking. Travel options are available as below:

  1. You can get your own vehicle. (Car / Scooters and Bikes) -  Road to the campsite is average - last few kms are rocky but accessible.
  2. Book an Ola Outstation or Uber which should roughly cost about ₹3500 per vehicle (variable depending on the type and total distance).
  3. You can ask us to book a vehicle for you, we will provide on request.
  4. Use Public transport - Take a train to Lonavala OR Kamshet Station, from there Shared cabs . autos are available at ₹300-500 per head one way and Private Cabs and Jeeps are available at ₹1300-1500 one way.

*There is Ample and free parking space available at the campsite.

Q) How do I know my booking is confirmed?

Ans) Once you "BUY NOW" you will get a confirmation voucher from our end which indicates that your booking has been confirmed.

Q) How do I know that I am going to get a good service?

Ans) We verify the local operators after vetting them carefully by conducting quality and background checks to make sure they have the proper resources to operate legally, sustainably and are providing value for money.

Add ons

  • You may choose to buy extras like additonal food stuff, meals and beverages by directly paying at the campsite. Incase you have very specific requests, it can be arranged in advance if we are informed appropriate prior to your trip date.
  • Team building games, farm games like Bullock card ride, organic farming etc and child friendly activities can be arranged at additonal costs upon request.
  • Alcohol is not sold or served here, however you may carry your own along with a one day liquor permit.

Cancellation Policies

  • Cancellations 30 days prior to the booked date will avail a full refund.
  • Cancellations made 15 days prior to the booked date will avail a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations made 7 days prior to the booked date will avail no refund. No shows will also avail no refund.
  • Date / name changes will be solely at the discretion of the management. Refunds generally take 7-10 to reflect in your account / mode of payment.


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Kumar Venkat – Feb 28, 2020:

This is the kind of place which I always wanted to visit because such places were not available before . What I mean is that this place has camping . You can sleep in tents , have barbeque and spend some quality time with your friends and family . In my personal experience , I really had a good time with my family and there are even "charpais" available. So u can sleep on "charpai" and enjoy the cool breeze . There is good food available . I don't think they compromise on quality of the food . And yaa it was fun ? And there is always a reason why I don't give 5 star . If there wasn't this one single problem then I would've given "rusticville comping" 5 star but unfortunately there is one problem and that is that there are snakes and scorpions . No wait it's not that bad because if u wear shoes all the time then there shouldn't be any problem ??. And before going into tent , just check whether there is any of the insects or snakes ?. But other than that everything is fine . I loved it . And here's one more thing that u don't wanna miss and that is , the sunrise ?. U get up early at 6 or 6:30 and you'll love it cause u don't get to see that in cities . And that's the place where u can find peace of mind?

Sashikant Yadav – Feb 16, 2020:

Very good place for one day camping with family. There is ample of space to play. One side there is valley and other side Tikona fort. Road to reach site is through field. It would be difficult to reach site in rainy season. Food in night was very good. Breakfast was also nice and tasty. We enjoyed barbeque and bon fire. Staff is very helpful and polite. Just one recommendation..ask owner whether there is any group joining on day of your visit. On day of our visit there was group of young couples and few batchelers. They were doing all danga entire night in their allotted area. We couldn't get quite sleep due to same. Owner apologized for the inconvenience caused. Rest of the facilities are basic as this is camping. Overall our family enjoyed stay barring above nuisance.

Rajesh Tare – Feb 10, 2020:

Not a great place but not bad either

Pradipta Chatterjee – Feb 10, 2020:

Awesome weekend destination. Best for Nature lovers

Rahul Mistry – Feb 02, 2020:

Nice experience to have a weekend trip.

Jigar Mehta – Jan 27, 2020:

Nice silent place for a weekend getaway... just ride in a good ground clearance vehicle.....

Saloni Ambekar – Jan 19, 2020:

not a bad choice for if you want to spend a fun weekend....tents are comfortable...bathrooms are clean and food is good...awesome place

Sahil Khan – Jan 11, 2020:

this is my second experience with them...last time we had done camping..this time they have built mud huts so we opted for was a very new and fresh experience....well maintained for ladies...good food....definitely recommend

Vidya Shinde – Jan 02, 2020:

very good new years eve we a group of friends we were looking for a decent camping place for new years and this site is awesome...there prices were compared to other but it was worth and all was also was good...we had a fun start to the beginning of the year...

Raman Ojha – Dec 30, 2019:

fantastic experience...they have a beautiful view from the tents...we celebrated our anniversary there and they also arranged a candle light dinner with flower decoration and all....very helpful is maintained and hygenic...washrooms are plenty ..they have a very cute is pet friendly...

Neetu Tongle – Dec 30, 2019:

Place is really boring.. Not much games to play..... only outdoor ball and activities..Only the Food was good....they have a music system where you can play your own music...but thats it...if you are planning to come then bring your own entertainment....

Amol Jha – Dec 28, 2019:

Too rustic, but fantastic food quality surprisingly...

Ayush Verma – Dec 23, 2019:

they have a very cute dog named rex there.....The stay in the tents was fun and the camp fire was could be a little better..but overall...we had fun..

Mousimi Das – Dec 22, 2019:

its a great place to take a break from routine busy life. They have good, basic camping facilities. Provide tents, sleeping bags and plenty of clean toilets. Recently they built mud houses which are awesome for those who want to experience rustic stay without tents and proper room facilties... They provide a DIY barbecue with marinated chicken/veggies with the grilling equipment ... where you can have full experience of barbecue without much hassle. They also have private bonfire for each group at night. Food is basic, with enough variety and really good. Over-all amazing experience and a must visit.

Shalini Singh – Dec 22, 2019:

thank you sperto for saving our weekend....we were a couple who had booked lake camping at pawna...when we reached there it was a mess..they had so many people...only 2-3 bathrooms for all..nothing organized...had to wait half hour to get our tent which had no privacy...finally after all this we decided it was not worth it and to leave ...luckily we had only paid them a minimal advance which they refused to we just left and searched for any other good place nearby...luckily we found this place online and decided to check it out. It was a great decision, they charged us a lot more ...but it was worth it....bathrooms were was good, staff was also very helpful and the best is huge so you dont feel there is a lot of crowd around as everyone has their own private space and bbq and bonfire..if you are genuinely interested in a having a good weekend..go for this...

Ruhi Barodia – Dec 15, 2019:

nice place to relax...very quite and peaceful...its remotely located so carry your personal stuffs before hand....staff is very helpful and view is awesome...

Rajan Mehta – Dec 13, 2019:

Good place for weekend for families. Kids and pet friendly. They don't have many activities, only cricket, volleyball, archery and all which are common for everybody so you dont get much time to play...but they have a very big ground so i recommend just bringing your own if you want to play....besides that view is briliiant, bbq could have been a little better, but overall i do recommend.

Aman Verma – Dec 10, 2019:

Excellent and beautiful location. The view is pretty amazing from the tents. Good service and quiet place to relax for a weekend.

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