Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal


Hampta pass trek is the perfect trek for rookies in state of Himachal Pradesh. It is a trek that will leave you in awe of this beautiful place. The variation in the trails is enormous; scenic landscapes, open green pastures and meadows, glacial valleys, easy access and an exceptional, adventurous and hair raising crossing of the pass makes this trekking expedition to Hampta pass an exciting one. Generally, it takes 4 days to complete the Hampta pass trek, but one more day is further added to the itinerary so as to visit the well-known and striking Chandrataal, a high altitude alpine lake few hours from Chatru. The reason why Hampta pass is famous trekking zone is snow; the pass has lump sum snow which draws more travellers.



Manali to Chika via Jobra, the trekking expedition starts from Manali to Jobra in vehicle, Arrive at Jobra and start your trek ending the day at Chika

Chika to Balu ka Gera, the next destination is Balu ka Gera which is not visible from the Chika camp site, but you can make an idea as it falls to the right, The path is an easy one and can be accomplished without any difficulty, Balu ka Gera campsite is a flat ground amidst the mountains that you will cross the next day to reach the pass, Balu ka Gera is at an elevation of 11, 900 ft

Balu-Ka-Gera to Shea Goru crossing Hampta Pass - The day’s trek encompasses 9 hours , you can split the journey in two halves, a steady ascent on moderate steep slope to Hampta Pass, thence a sharp descent to Sia Goru, the highest altitude will be achieved on this day at Hampta Pass (14, 100 ft), Set your camps on the grounds and retire for the night with a feeling of contentment at the heart

SiaGoru to Chatru - You will cover Sia goru to Chatru by foot and it will take approx 5 hours of easy downhill trek

Chatru/ Chandratal to Manali - If the weather permits and the roads are devoid of turbulence, then you can hike up to the marvelous Chandratal lake; also known as the moon lake, Chandratal Lake is 70 kms from Chatru camp site and few hours from Chandratal camp site, a vehicle can also be arranged from Manali to take you to Chandratal from Chatru and back to Manali

What's Included

  • Accommodation (Camping tents with sleeping bags)
  • Vegetarian meals while on expedition
  • Mountaineering equipments
  • IMF Permit and Inner Line permit for Indian Nationals
  • First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder, if required
  • Qualified & experienced team lead, guide and support staff and logistics
  • Transport from Manali to Jobra and return Chatru to Manali

Guest Requirements

Group size: 12

Min-Requirement: 5

Age Groups Terms: 15 years and above


Himachal , Mumbai , Maharashtra

Cancellation Policies

  • >45 Days: Full refund (after deducting any expenses that have been incurred for hotel bookings, transport, etc)
  • 30-45 Days: 75% of trip cost will be refunded (after deducting any expenses that have been incurred for hotel bookings, transport, etc)
  • 15-30 Days: 50% of trip cost will be refunded (after deducting any expenses that have been incurred for hotel bookings, transport, etc)
  • <15 Days: No refund


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